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by Doomsday

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Promo for an upcoming record...


released June 22, 2019

Shout out to the boy Marc Estabillo.


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Doomsday California

Bay Area Crossover



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Track Name: Mask of Sanity
Essence within; mimicked by one so frail
Ruptured by control of the lust, the frenzy to uphold their mask of sanity

Hinder a shape
Contort a form

Seer of woes
A wretch unto itself
Concealed by pain that lurks inside

Graven image of man bestowed upon
By the barrage of existence denied
A lesson in futility erupts when self collides

Face whats within

Plunder an image, into the ether, delve into madness, a puppet, a man, a paradox, a lie
Track Name: Depths of the Abyss
To venture down where no ones been before
In the allure of the unknown depths, we all heed the abyss' call

A journey that beckons riches, fame and to challenge faith
The entity that shifts in the null
Strings us down when it's already to late

Succumbing to the darkness one by one
Forty days without the warmth of the sun
Leagues of bodies swallowed by the earth
All to challenge man's unbridled curse

With no fear of the unknown tide, the only thing that's alive
The repercussions of our hubris show in our fate when it snuffs out the light

Struck by the choice to be made
To cut lines of these lives trapped down in the endless abyss

Purposed to perish; endless blight
The body wavers, devoid of light
Consequence of ambition scorned
Nothing to show, only souls to mourn

Fate struck by the coldest hand
To drown in a crypt of accursed land
For death is above as it is below
The breath of silence released gestures it's final blow

Laid to rest
Undone by the final test

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